Monday, October 17, 2011

Aloe Vera - the amazing healing gel

Aloe Vera is often called the burn plant it has been grown as a houseplant for years. The gel this plant produces is an amazing healer being used to heal burns, scalds, scrapes, sunburn, acne, eczema, wrinkles, dry and itchy skin and wounds.

Used as a moisturizer on the face, the aloe vera gel can help reduce wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. With the use of aloe vera gel the skin will become softer, moisturized and have a healthy glow.

Aloe vera gel is rich in Vitamin C and E, which helps protect the skin from drying out and helps keep it firm. It will also restore dry chapped lips when used on them.

When applied to injuries, aloe vera has been known to help reduce pain and infections as well as help lower the chance of scarring while aiding in the regrowth of healthy skin tissue.

To use this incredible gel cut an inch of so from the top of the leaf, scrape or squeeze the gel from the leaf and use this gel to treat your burn or other skin condition. The leaf of the plant will develop a scar but continue to grow.

Just remember store bought stabilized aloe does not have the abilities that fresh aloe has.

To use for wounds, clean the wound and apply the gel. To make your own medicinal oil slice up leaves from the plant into ¼ inch pieces, cover these leaves with vegetable oil. Any oil will work, but I would use skin friendly oil such as olive, jojoba, rose hip or apricot kernel. Let this mixture blend for 60 days, then strain, and keep in a dark glass jar. This oil will last indefinitely. You can also place the gel in zip lock bags, put in the freezer and use when a cold gel is needed quickly.

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