Saturday, April 19, 2014

Natural or not?

Recently I was at a show selling my soap and next to me was a group of people selling a skin care line.  

These people would jump out in the walkway and try and get people into the area they were selling there very expensive (natural skin care line"  this cream they say would remove your wrinkles and contains ONLY natural ingredients.

The salespeople were told by the organizers more than once to stay in their area.  It got so bad that they were even coming over to the customers I had and trying to lure them away!

This luxury skin care product that was being sold next to me was $100.00 plus for a jar the size of my Rosehip Face Cream (which I can assure you is natural) and reasonably priced   I can assure you that the second ingredient in my natural cream is jojoba oil not Mineral Oil like the expensive skin care products sold next to my booth.

I was so surprised to see all the women that were willing to pay the price for a product they were told was natural and all they had to do was look at the label and read that it contains mineral oil and propylene glycol to name a couple.  Below is a link with info on these ingredients.

Remember - you don't need a list of many ingredients for it to be good.  Keep it Simple Naturally

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