Friday, June 24, 2016

Labelling skin care Products

Here is a prime example of HOW NOT TO LABEL your homemade skin care products.

This drives me crazy.  This picture is from our local Farmer's Market.  I have approached this person several times and let them know about the labelling requirements, and after a month or more.  This is the labelling.

What if someone is allergic to something in these bottles.....well I'm told they tell them what's in them.  Well that will certainly work if one of the people they sell to decides to give it to someone else........then are these dollar store bottles? Are the safe for handling skin care products? Are they registered with Health Canada or the FDA? Do they have liability insurance?  Do they actually make the products? Sure brings up some of questions doesn't it?

Please Please if you are making your own products, be sure to know what is required.  It is for the safety and well being of our customers.  This person does not represent natural skin care products very well at all.

Here is a link to Health Canada's and the FDA's sites for labelling requirements.  Please read this if you are considering making any of your own products.  These labels are required whether you are giving your products away as a gift or making it to sell.

Health Canada Labelling Requirements

FDA Labelling Requirements

Also in Canada is you are making any lotions, creams, soaps etc. you are required to notify Health Canada, below is a link to the guide for completing this form.

Guide to Completing Cosmetic Notification Form

I hope this article will give at least one person the knowledge they need to label their products correctly.

Seems to me if someone really is wanting to make natural skin care products for the benefit of other people that they would look into everything they need to do it correctly.

There is my rant for the day......hopefully this will change in the future.

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